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  • Pyrex® Simply Store Red 6 Piece Set
  • Pyrex® Simply Store Red 6 Piece Set
  • Pyrex® Simply Store Red 6 Piece Set
  • Pyrex® Simply Store Red 6 Piece Set

Pyrex® Simply Store Red 6 Piece Set

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Pyrex® Simply Store is stackable and nestable for easy storage as well as easy to clean.

Features & Benefits

Set Includes: 3 x 2 Cup Round Storage Containers

  • Durable high-quality tempered glass.
  • Glass container resists stains and does not absorb food odours or flavours.
  • Glass container is dishwasher, freezer, microwave, and pre-heated oven safe.
  • BPA-free plastic lid is top-rack dishwasher, freezer, and microwave safe.
  • For plastic lid longevity, place lid loosely on glass container whilst in microwave.
  • Avoid extreme temperature changes.
  • Made in the USA.

Product Details

Dimensions: 2cup: 12.5cm diameter | 6cm height

Weight: 2cup: 309g

Use & Care

Wash before first use. DO NOT use glass dish on or under a flame or other direct heat source, including on a stovetop, under a grill, in a toaster oven or in an air fryer. Avoid extreme temperature changes. When heated or cooled too rapidly, glassware can break. DO NOT transfer directly from freezer to hot oven, or vice versa. DO NOT place hot glassware on wet or cool surface. Allow hot glassware to cool on a cooling rack or dry cloth. DO NOT add cold liquid to hot glassware. DO NOT use plastic lids in oven. Lids for microwave and storage use only. Always loosen lid before microwaving. Lid is top rack dishwasher safe. When removing from the freezer, leave at room temperature for a few minutes before opening.

For full Use & Care instructions, please click here.


2-year limited warranty. For more details, please click here.