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Save time and Save energy with Foods that can cook quicker in an Instant Air Fryer

Jan 30, 2024
Save time and Save energy with Foods that can cook quicker in an Instant Air Fryer

It’s safe to say that air fryers are the hottest new kitchen appliance (pun intended!)   and really are taking over the way people are now cooking at home.

We are seeing review after review of happy customers telling us that their Air Fryer is the best thing that has ever happened to their kitchen (and electricity bill!) so the question is… have you joined the air fryer revolution!?

Did you know that air fryers can cook in up to half the time it would normally take in a conventional oven? And not only that, but they are also a healthier alternative too as they only require a fraction of the oil you’d normally use in order to get that super tasty crunch!  We love a chips and wings recipe –  like these    Crispy French fries from Angus & Oink, or these Instant Brands chicken wings – both of which can be cooked to perfection in 20 minutes or less, without the oil or the mess. But air fryers are so much more than that. Check out the 6 recipes below that you can cook a whole lot quicker in an Air Fryer than you would in an oven… 

Jacket Potatoes

Air Fryer time – 30-40mins

Oven time – 1hr20min

Crispy Pork Belly

Air Fryer time – 40-50mins

Oven time – 1hr10min

Frozen Croissants

Air Fryer time – 6mins

Oven time –

 15-20 mins

Whole Roast Chicken

Air Fryer Time – 50-60mins

Oven Time – 1.5hrs


Air Fryer time – 10-20mins (based on thickness)

Oven time – 40mins or 50mins (based on thickness)

Lamb Rack

Air Fryer time – 18-21mins

Oven time – 25-30mins

Why is an Air Fryer so much quicker?

1.    No more long preheating Time. The concentrated cooking chamber of an air fryer means it reaches target temperature in minutes!

2.    Reduce your fat intake per meal by as much as 80% when compared to oil-fried foods! Air frying allows for healthier cooking methods that don’t require extra fat or oil to cook food properly – keeping them both dry on the outside while maintaining moisture within each bite thanks to its circulating hot air system. Healthy meals have never been so easy.

3.    Save electricity, and ultimately reduce your bill costs by ditching your traditional oven or stove-top range. Cooking in an electric oven costs you 5x more than in an Air Fryer – which is an even bigger factor than ever in the current cost of living crisis.

We want to make sure that everyone knows that an Air Fryer is an investment, not a cost (comparing to your oven)—invest in your time, in your health and wellbeing, and save yourself from stress and high bills!

Life gets better and simpler with an air fryer, instantly! And our range of Vortex Air Fryers are available in different sizes, colours and draw capacity so however many portions you need to cook for, you will find a model for you.