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Upgraded inner pot

The Instant Pot Pro 5.7L Multicooker’s premium stainless steel inner pot features Easy-Grip silicone handles to allow for easy lifting and carrying, and for locking the pot in place when sautéing.

Inner pot is compatible with electric, ceramic and induction cooktops, plus oven (up to 230c)

Faster pre-heating

20% faster pre-heating times (compared to Instant Pot Duo) allows the Instant Pot Pro Crisp to come to pressure quicker than ever.

10-in -1

10 appliances in one: electric pressure cooker, slow cooker, sous vide, sauté pan, rice/grain cooker, steriliser, cake baker, steamer, yogurt maker and food warmer

Clear, simple controls

For added convenience, the multicooker’s display features a cooking progress bar that shows you every step, from preheating, to cooking, to keep warm, so you’re never left guessing. There are also individual controls for cooking time and temperature/pressure, plus a dedicated Start button.