Corningware Classics

Is this your grandmother's casserole? Yes, and we're proud of it! Enjoy this versatile, classic Corningware product for many uses in your kitchen and for many generations to come!

Made of Pyroceram, a glass-ceramic heated material was originally developed by Corning Inc. in the 1950's to be used in rocket nose cones. Further development to kitchen products resulted in CorningWare cookware, which made its debut in 1958. It was hailed as a new space-age cookware material virtually impervious to temperature extremes.

Safe for use in the freezer, broiler, microwave, stovetop and as a beautiful tabletop serving dish.


Transit straight from the freezer to the stovetop or oven, and onto the dining table for fuss-free yet stylish serving

Energy Saving

Retains heat longer and cooks food perfectly on lower settings than the usual cookware


Made of a revolutionary glass ceramic called Pyroceram, which is non-porous and does not retain food particles, odors or stains


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